• Jing 650 - Redefining yacht fashion
    Jing 650 - Redefining yacht fashion

    Jing650 appearance is designed and processed in combination with cloisonne art, which realizes the perfect combination of modern yacht technology and traditional handicraft technology, endows distinct Royal artistic atmosphere and national cultural characteristics, and shows the romantic feelings of Oriental civilization to the world.

  • The smart home system solution
    The smart home system solution

    The design of smart home system scheme shall be carried out in accordance with relevant national and regional standards to ensure the expansibility and expansibility of the system. The standard TCP / IP protocol network technology shall be used in system transmission to ensure the compatibility and interconnection of systems between different manufacturers. The front-end equipment of the system is multifunctional, open and expandable. For example, the system host

  • The smart home - inevitable trend
    The smart home - inevitable trend

    Bill Gates is the first family to use smart home in foreign countries. It has a history of nearly 30 years, and the smart home control system has gradually come into everyone's vision. In the past two years, with the popularization of WiFi, wireless smart home has gradually replaced wired products. In the wireless field, it is not lagging behind in China and abroad. It also uses the latest ZigBee smart home. But at present, although there is potential in domestic smart home, its development is slow, and people's consumption view and consumption ability are not sufficient.

  • The most basic goal of the smart home
    The most basic goal of the smart home

    The key to the development of smart home control lies in the design concept and the operator's mentality. What the market target customers really need and what kind of money they earn should be carefully considered. If we only pay attention to sign the bill, do not put ourselves in the interests of customers, do not take into account the future development of smart solutions, and provide one-sided smart home solutions without considering the applicability of customers, it is not advisable This not only reduces the application effect of smart home, but also is not conducive to the development of the whole smart home industry.